Tribology Testing Labs

Tribology Testing is a commercial testing laboratory in Saginaw, Michigan.  Among their available services is is a fretting wear testing.  They can carry out the ASTM D7954 test for evaluating the fretting wear resistance of greases in ball bearings.  Further details about their testing equipment are not listed on their website.

Tribology Testing does have an instructional Power Point presentation which was originally given at SAE AMS Committee M by Mark Alan Adams in 1996.  It includes a discussion of the results of round robin test using the old ASTM D 4170 test for evaluating the fretting resistance of greases.  What is especially interesting about this presentation are the wear scar photographs and friction force measurements they present.  These will give you an idea for the approximate results and repeatability that can expected when carrying out these tests.  The presentation by Tribology Testing also gives a ball park figures for the wear loss and coefficient of friction in bearing testing.

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