Hertizan Contact Equations Archard Wear Equation Assumptions Comparison of ANSYS and ABAQUS Radial fretting
The Hertzian contact equations describe the stress and deformation at the contact between two curved surfaces.
The Archard wear equation makes several assumptions which must be kept in mind when applying it.
ANSYS and ABAQUS are both commercial finite element software packages which were compared for analyzing fretting.
Radial fretting occurs when an oscillating normal force is acts on a contact.
Fretting occurs when two contacting bodies experience small scale reciprocating sliding, rolling, rotating or vertical motion. This motion will lead to component failure due to wear, fatigue or corrosion depending on a number of variables.

Commercial Testing


Organizations which perform contract testing related to tribology and fretting.

Test Rigs

fretting test rig

Test rigs which are discussed in literature or available from commercial sources.

ASTM Standards


ASTM has several testing standards of interest to those studying fretting.